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What Makes Brunch?

Brunch is normally associated with being between breakfast and lunch. But the truth there is a lot more to brunch than the time of day it takes place.

There are a few important components to an event that you have to have to classify it as a successful brunch.

  • Laid back atmosphere  – Brunch is traditionally lots of fun and filled with people enjoying themselves. A brunch should never be a stuffy event.
  • Type of food – Brunch can happen anytime of the day, early in the morning, mid afternoon or even at night! What it must have is some great breakfast items and lunch items combined for an awesome culinary experience.
  • The drinks – Brunch is not brunch without Mimosas, Bellinis or Bloody Marys. In the end you can pick the drink of your choice, but would be the fun in that?
Now that we have the foundation of brunch covered we want you to know that we deliver a NXT LVL element to your experience. Look at it as the icing on the cake. All cakes have milk, flour, and eggs, but the icing is what sets it off.
Some of our past NXT LVL brunches include Rooftop Parties, Silent Brunches, Pajama Parties, Late Night Events, and even Pool Parties. The truth is you never know what kind of brunch we will announce next.

O.g.’s Creations is a boutique experience company specializing in experiential brunches and unique events for the culture.

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